With Apple’s new iOS 5 we’ve been given a new Reminders app that has made a lot of people happy. I know I’ve used the application several times on my iPad and have friends who use it even more often, thanks to our new friend Siri.

What we’re trying to accomplish today is fairly simple, we want our reminders to sync to iCal or Outlook tasks. First we’ll focus on iCal, the default Mac calender program.


iCloud System Preferences In Mac OS

What you’ll want to do if you haven’t yet is to set yourself up with an iCloud account. You can do so by converting your old MobileMe account or setting up an iCloud account by following these steps (users running an OS version below Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 need not apply).

Reminders in iCal

Once you have your iCloud account set up you’ll want to go to your system preferences and sign in using your Apple ID and enable the iCloud features you wish to use (reminders in this case). Now after you finish your first iCloud sync you will go to iCal/Calender and you should now see a reminders tab. Just click on that and you are good to go.

Now, to get those reminders into your Outlook tasks. If you have followed the aforementioned steps of setting up your iCloud account you’ll want head over to Apple.com and download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Note: You can only sync reminders with a Windows PC if you have at least Windows Vista and Office 2007.

iCloud System preferences On Windows

When you’ve done that go into your Windows control panel, click “Network & Internet,” then iCloud. Now that you’re signed in with your Apple ID, check the services you want to sync (Calenders & Tasks in this case).

After your first sync with iCloud just open up your Outlook program, go into tasks, and there you have it. All of your reminders in one easy to manage, convenient place.

Many people have asked “How can I sync with my Google account?” As I write this, there is no surefire way for the two services to work together. Obviously, if this changes we’ll make sure to let you know.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know, and we’ll see you tomorrow.