In case you haven’t seen the CBS 60 Minutes special episode on Steve Jobs and his biographer Walter Isaacson, you’ll be glad to know that CBS has already posted the clips of the show on its website.

The show consists of an interview of Isaacson, whose authorized Steve Jobs biography is coming out tomorrow, punctuated by clips of Steve at various keynotes, as well as amazing audio excerpts from the interviews Isaacson conducted. If you’ve been tracking early leaks and previews of the book on the Web, you probably won’t learn much new here. The recordings however, are despite their quality, some incredible pieces of Steve’s legacy and we can only hope they eventually get released to the public in their entirety.

Additional good news is that 60 Minutes has also made available some great additional clips of the interview, showing more details about Steve’s family, as well as his take on competition. In these, you’ll also get to hear some excerpts of Isaacson’s interviews with Steve, in particular how he felt about Microsoft and Facebook.

Here are the direct links to the clips:

The full show

The additional footage:

Steve Jobs’ family.

Steve’s take on competition.

All in all, this is a good preview of the highly anticipated Steve Jobs biography, due to hit the U.S. a few hours from now.