There’s apparently more to iOS 5′s Camera app than meets the eye. Unless, of course, you happen to be a top-flight code-monkey like jailbreakers chpwn or Conrad Kramer. Then, the mystery’s not so big.

Of course, since the guys have publicly showcased their findings, everyone’s now in on the secret of Apple’s long-rumored (and still unreleased) panorama feature. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty barebones experience. 9to5Mac explains the process:

The user simply turns on panorama mode by clicking the panorama button on the camera options popover, then moves their phone in their air as shown in the on-screen diagram.

Easy enough.

But before anyone flies into a tizzy over Apple “cannibalizing” its third party developers, just consider the as-yet unannounced feature like Apple’s stock HDR experience: It gets the job done, but dedicated apps will almost certainly do everything better.

Look for panorama mode to be enabled in a future system update. Until then, jailbreakers can enable the feature by downloading the just-released “Firebreak” in the Cydia Store.

Panorama mode in options.

On-screen instructions for panorama capture.