In today’s edition of iOS Academy we are going to show you how to update and maintain your shared shopping list. This can prove to be quite useful when in a hands-free situation, such as driving. If you don’t know, shared lists are lists than you can add to, share, and update with others using Apple’s iCloud service.

You are going to need: an iPhone 4S and iCloud accounts for you and the person you wish to share the list with. After you’re all set up go into the Reminders app and create an iCloud synced list entitled “Shopping.”

Next go to, click the calendar icon and share the list with the other person’s iCloud account. Now you’re ready to talk to your favorite artificial¬†intelligence¬†personality, Siri. Just tell Siri to “add milk to shopping list” and Siri will now do so via the all knowing and amazing, cloud.

Now, every time you add or check an item off it will automatically sync between both user’s iCloud accounts and devices. Of course there are plenty of better apps out there for managing lists (Remember The Milk) but this is currently the only known way to do it via Siri. As always your ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Source, TiPB.