apptrackr, the popular iOS piracy resource and maker of the jailbreak app Installous, has been feeling the wrath of justice of late. The crooks published news of Apple’s efforts to eradicate many of their website’s cracked apps, claiming the Cupertino company has been “scraping apptrackr for links and sending huge takedown notices for a ton of content.”

To combat this, the site has moved hosting duties to various international locales–ones, presumably, with less-defined legal copyright protection. However, such moves cost money, so apptrackr is implementing the use of ad-based CAPTCHAs on all outbound links (via iJailbreak):

This will support our servers and help us improve the quality of Installous immensely. (All ads will be family-friendly, tame, and unobtrusive.)

You know, because it’s important for parents teaching their children to steal to protect them from all those amoral internet banners.