Be honest: What do you do when you’re at work?

Baloney! I know you sit at your desk, in your cubicle, watching the squirrels and farming your crops on Facebook — not to mention tweeting your life away, 140 characters at a time. But wait! What if your boss comes by? What do you do? That’s right: you quickly open up a different window, pretending to work on your TPS (Testing Procedure Specification) reports.

But what about in meetings? Or in class at school when you only have a mobile device? What if someone is looking over your shoulder then?

You don’t have a solution, do you? Well, CovertChirp claims to. CovertChirp is a new app that allows you to continue to feed your Twitter addiction, while still acting as though you’re paying attention to work and school. The app looks like the iOS Notes app and nothing more. You even navigate using the typical Notes icons on the bottom. You’ll look like you’re paying attention and taking notes instead of tweeting about whichever Kardashian is a trending topic this week.

However, I’m pretty sure if someone pays even the tiniest bit of attention to your “note-taking,” they’ll catch on quickly. After all, you’re bound to have a plethora of @ symbols, not to mention (pun intended) a hashtag or two (#thismeetingsucks).

This isn’t meant to be a full fledged Twitter client, obviously; it’s only meant to make people think you’re being productive. The funniest thing about this app though? It’s in the productivity category. Awesome, right?

I wish this was of use to me, though, but I snark back and forth with my coworkers all day long on the Twitter — we have no shame. That’s how we work; that and we send each other these all day long:

Now they just need to make an app like this for Facebook because we all know that’s all you people do while at work. For shame.

CovertChirp is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Pro tip: don’t charge the app purchase to the company account.