Chances are you know what Hipstamatic is, or have, at least, heard of it. Hipstamatic is the popular toy camera app by Synthetic Corp that allows you to add multiple camera effects and utilize different flashes as if your iPhone is a physical camera with film.

The developers have now taken their camera idea to the next level with the new Hipstamatic Disposable, or D-series, camera app. The main idea for this app is to treat it as if it were a real disposable camera by allowing you to share the “cameras” with a group of friends — except without having to pass your precious iPhone around. This focuses more on the social sharing aspect of photography, making it more fun for you to share with friends. However, you do have to log into Facebook to use the sharing option.

You remember disposable cameras, right?

You can design your own cameras to your liking before sharing them, but once you share them with a group of friends, they will be using the same film as you. Once the film roll is complete, you can instantly see all of the photos. You can share the whole album, or specific photos, with Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

This app makes me feel like I’m in high school again. Or at a wedding. I’m not sure which of these two evils I’d rather choose at this point.

This is such a brilliant idea. What’s a disposable camera if you can’t pass it around, right? Plus, I can only imagine how useful this would be in situations where you’re all at the same event, but may be separated, and want your photos of the experience all documented in the same place (or just shared with each other).

Although the app itself is free, most people are complaining that they have to purchase the film to be able to use it. I tried the app out myself and didn’t have to buy anything. I was able to make multiple cameras and take photos without having to drop a dime. I do see that you can purchase new cameras in the HipstaMart.

Did you have any issues with this new app? Did you run out of film and have to purchase more? Let us know in the comments below.

The Hipstamatic Disposable camera is available in the App Store for free.