Infinity Blade II was recently released, and it seems most people are enjoying it (I said most). However, it’s not always easy to go out in the world alone and defeat enemies and bosses by yourself. We could all use a little help. Well, as promised, Chair Entertainment is still working on implementing “Clash Mobs.”

Clash Mobs is Infinity Blade’s way of making the game social. You will be able to fight mobs of enemies and even bosses with a friend, or with big groups of players, from anywhere in the world. This will be managed over iCloud. Players will even be rewarded for grouping up and participating in these Clash Mob affairs. Whether it be more experience points (XP) or an awesome new weapon, players will be rewarded in some way or another.

This reminds me of when World of Warcraft (WoW) introduced the dungeon finder (and group quest finder); rewarding players with extras for grouping together and completing dungeons and quests. Where it used to not be worth it to quest and level in groups, WoW changed that mechanic and tried to make it more valuable it for players who wanted to team up by rewarding them with more XP or other tokens. Blizzard wanted to encourage grouping up as a team and Chair seems to be doing the same thing.

It’s definitely a great idea; it encourages social gaming, which seems to be rather popular right now. Especially on that one social network—Somethingbook? Anyway, I just hope that Infinity Blade II can pull this off and make it an enjoyable gaming experience. After all, role-playing games (RPGs) are meant to be social. Even if you are playing in your parent’s basement all by your lonesome.

We hope to see this update sometime in the next six months. We’ll keep you posted.

Infinity Blade II is available in the App Store for $6.99.