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Judge Dredd vs Zombies ($0.99) by Fuse Powered Inc. brings this comic book character into the iOS gaming world and he’s ready to lay down the law. Mega City has been invaded by — what else? — zombies and it’s up to The Judge to lay down some zombie law.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies by Fuse Powered Inc. screenshot

Control Judge Dredd using the moveable joystick from any position on the screen you wish. On the right of the screen, the fire and reload buttons are readily available. Be careful not to get caught without ammo. If you have any down time, make sure to keep your bullets stocked and ready to go. Zombies don’t sleep, folks!

As you navigate the levels, you’ll want to collect shields to keep your armor up and avoid falling into the grasp of the zombie hordes as they shuffle towards you in relentless pursuit of you brain matter. The Judge wouldn’t let any corpses ruin his fun. Nope. He’d just get down to on-the-spot executions, right? So, make it happen.

Here comes the fire power! You get multiple weapons, all of which are upgradable in several ways. You can also upgrade Dredd himself to improve on character combat and other skills (e.g., armor).

Just tap on a zombie or an object (e.g., barrel) and you will automatically aim at only that until it’s destroyed. This makes it easy to lay waste to your surroundings and enemies. Even the barrels will explode once hit, killing all of the zombies in a small radius.

The game includes four unique types of zombies. One of these is exactly like The Boomer from Left 4 Dead — he’s a bloated zombie who explodes once shot. So … you might want to stand back. Good news is, he’ll also explode all over his fellow zombies, taking those in his presence out as well.

There are 30 levels to master. Although the maps are different, the scenery is basically the same. Just navigate through hallways and rooms and try to avoid the waves of hungry zombies. Game Center support with achievements and earning commendation badges throughout the levels will keep you busy laying the law down all over these undead fiends.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies by Fuse Powered Inc. screenshot

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is available in the App Store as a universal app for only $0.99. Judge Dredd fans and shooting game enthusiasts alike will definitely enjoy this zombie shooter.