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Night of the Living Dead Defense ($1.99) by SGN is a universal tower defense game focused on the wanton destruction of the invading undead, from the makers of GRave Defense HD.

If you love zombies and splattering their brains as they shamble past you, then Night of the Living Dead Defense is the game for you. The game is based on George Romero’s classic cult horror movie, “Night of the Living Dead,” and will pit you against endless waves of zombies that you combat with 12 different types of unique gunners.

Night of the Living Dead Defense by SGN screenshot

I’m something of a tower defense connoisseur, and a game can never go wrong with the addition of zombies, so this was right up my alley. The game is simple enough – place gunners in the towers along the pathway to destroy the undead before they can reach your base. As with any tower defense, there’s a lot of strategy involved in deciding where and when to place which units and when to upgrade them.

You have 20 life for each level, and every unit that gets past you will cost one life point. If that number reaches zero, it’s game over. Killing monsters nets you cash for each one, which is used to buy new gunners and to upgrade existing ones.

The game can be paused at any time, which allows you to upgrade and place units at your leisure, though upgrades won’t take place until the game is unpaused, so you don’t get an unfair advantage.

There are a wide variety of unit types and plenty of zombies, rats, and bats to slay. Combat is neither too hard nor too easy, making the game fun without being frustrating. There are four different difficulty levels, so the game is suitable for players of all skill levels.

Night of the Living Dead Defense by SGN screenshot

Night of the Living Dead Defense has great graphics and fantastically creepy sound effects. The ambient music was actually one of my favorite aspects of the game.

I had very few complaints about this game. I’d just like to see the monsters of each wave a bit before they attack so I can compensate and build air/ground units at the appropriate time.

Overall, this is a solid tower defense game that any fan of the genre is sure to love. If zombies and tower defense games interest you at all, this is one app I’d go ahead and pick up.

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