Those motivational posters at schools, offices and psych wards bother me. There’s something cheesy and insincere about them. Besides, if people are capable of being convinced to spring into action because of a pretty picture and a sappy caption, then they are probably going to be replaced by robots in the near future. Demotivator posters are more my pace. There’s something uplifting about seeing the worst in human beings committed to picture evidence.

There are thousands of demotivational posters available through the app. You can sift through them in order, or you can have them presented to you randomly. Either way, seeing others fail epically ought to bring a smile to your face. Share your favorite poster on Twitter or through Facebook. Heck, you can always take a screenshot and email them or make them your background.

If you have a particular picture and caption that you’re proud of, you can submit your creation through the app as well. I recommend giving it a go. If no one submits, there won’t be any more funny posters to read. Therefore, by sharing, you’re really doing everyone a favor.

Demotivator is a universal app available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!