On the 16th day of Festivus we’re giving away Digital Poke’s 360 Web Browser for iPhone and iPad, EA’s Madden NFL 12 for iPhone, and Trivial Technology’s Cribbage HD for iPhone and iPad.

An app that will make your mobile web browsing even better

How sweet, a slidable bottom bar.

Think all mobile web browsers are created equal? Think again. 360 Web Browser is easily one of the flashiest, most feature-rich third-party web browsers available in the App Store. It has everything you have come to expect from a mobile web browser like tabs, full screen browsing, text search, and bookmarks. But what makes 360 Web Browser stand out are its additional features which include Firefox sync, media player, download manager, and Dropbox integration. Actually, what truly makes the app special are its 360 Arcs, which provide you with quick access to all of your favorite features. Because without quick access, they are just a bunch of hidden and unused bullet points!

360 Web Browser for iPhone and iPad is available for $0.99.

A game where you get to go for gridiron glory

Going for perfection!

Having trouble getting football off the brain? Well stop trying! Embrace your passion and take the game with you wherever you go. Madden NFL 12 allows you to command your favorite team through an entire 16-game season, so even if they’re not doing so well in real life, you can still go for gridiron glory in your own little world. The game includes on-screen controls, true-to-life stadiums, collision effects, in-depth playbooks, and full stat tracking. Once you get tired of playing for real, give the Touchdown Challenge a try and see how many points you can score within two minutes.

Madden NFL 12 for iPhone is available for $4.99.

A game to sit back and relax with

Online multiplayer.

The folks at Trivial Technology take their card games very, very seriously, which is why their games are some of the highest rated in their respective categories, including the one we’re offering up today: Cribbage HD. Cribbage HD is perfect for those just being introduced to the sometimes complicated card game, as you can allow it to guide you through every step of the process and use hints to develop your skills. There’s even an “Explain” button that will breakdown how points were scored, so you can always follow along with what’s going on. But Cribbage HD isn’t just for beginners. That would be silly! If you’re a cribbage veteran, you’ll be happy to know there are world-class AI opponents to compete against. Not only that, but if you have a cribbage loving friend, you can challenge them to an online multiplayer game via Game Center and even talk smack using voice chat.

Cribbage HD for iPhone and iPad is available for $2.99.

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