As Apple attempts to continue to “go green,” they recently informed their cable manufacturer, Volex, that they want to start creating halogen-free power cables. Although this is great for the environment, as these discarded Mac and iDevice cables will be less harmful when disposed of, it’s also harmful to Volex.

Volex, whose biggest customer is Apple, is really taking a huge hit because of this. The initial costs to make this change will cost upwards of $6 million.

However, Volex is confident of further revenue growth. With more and more companies becoming eco-friendly, it will be worth it in the end for more manufacturers to cater to companies wanting greener products.

Apple seems to be constantly striving to be more environmentally friendly in all cases — again, setting a standard for the industry. You can learn more about those strides to do so here.

(via London Evening Standard)

Image source: kageyoshi07, Deviant Art