Just when you think they have thought of everything as far as iDevice cases go, something like this comes out of nowhere.

These iPhone cases are designed to, well, redesign part of your face — your ear! The product is actually just one case, with a set of six different ear designs. From a pointy elf ear, to a bloody zombie lobe, All Ears cases have you covered. Or, at least, have your ear covered.

Although I am certainly fond of the zombie ear, these things are too creepy for words. Not to mention, what happens if you use your phone with both ears at different times?

These are only female ear cases, I know — but have no fear, men! Your creepy ear cases are coming soon too!

Men's All Ear iPhone Case Set

These All Ears iPhone cases are not quite available for purchase yet, but will only be $11.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Do you foresee yourself switching out ears? I didn’t think so. But they sure are funny looking.