Always doing stuff like this? No? Me neither. But I do go fishing and kayaking sometimes, and it’d be nice to capture a few cool sequences without spending $300 on the latest GoPro camera. Plus, I already have an iPhone, and it takes pretty good HD video. But I’d like to hit the water without dunking or crushing or otherwise destroying my precious Apple handset. That’s why I’m ordering the awesome Optrix iPhone system before I get back on the river come spring.

For a comparatively measly $89.99, this comprehensive case and mount combo turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a nearly indestructible (and indispensable!) action sports documentarist’s rig. It uses the same gasket seals and 3M adhesives you’ll find on more expensive standalone units, and it holds up to the same abuse, too. We got a brief demo on the CES floor:

As for functional demonstrations, you can see some cool footage on the company’s website, including the following example. (Note that special third-party apps can be used for HUD-like recording augmentation. Optrix is actually working with Harry’s LapTimer Pro developer Harald Schlangmann to make an official app.)

The quality isn’t on par with what you can get out of high-end, mountable action cameras, but it’s certainly good enough for the casual outdoor enthusiast. Just don’t expect good sound quality at high speeds — You won’t get it.

But you will get the shot.