Always out and about? Always have a problem keeping your gadgets juiced up?

In what’s actually a really obvious and useful development, somebody finally figured out how to charge up your goods on the go — without any of that “custom accessory” mumbo jumbo: Just trade out your regular backpack, messenger bag, or carry-on tote with something from Powerbag‘s 2012 lineup!

Designed with the busybody traveler in mind, Powerbag’s Powerbags offer up a slew of styles, each packing an inbuilt rechargeable battery and device-specific cords to keep your power-hungry mobiles appropriately topped off.

Features include:

  • 3000 mAh, 6000 mAh, and 9000 mAh internal battery options.
  • Simultaneous four-device charging.
  • Prewired 30-pin Apple connector, USB, mini-USB, and micro-USB plugs.
  • Exclusive smart-charging system for optimal device power-draw.

Powerbags are available in 13 different styles for the new year, and prices start at $139.99. You can purchase yours via the Powerbags website,, Best Buy, OfficeMax, QVC, F.Y.E., and WirelessZone.