Live from New York City, Apple announced their plans to “reinvent the textbook.”  Apple mentioned the iPad already has already over 20,000 apps specifically for education, with 1.5 million iPads being used in education today.

Today’s big announcement began with a demo of Apple’s new textbook app: iBooks 2.

Unlike regular textbooks that, despite great content, aren’t exactly practical to carry around, the latest iteration of iBooks is focused on overcoming these drawbacks. The new iBooks 2 app offers an interactive learning experience where “Authors have total freedom in terms of laying out text and graphics.” Furthermore, these innovative textbooks will offfer multi-touch gestures, interactive 3D models and images, enhanced note-taking capabilities, portability and they obviously overcome the durability factor.

“So how do I get these? Just go back to the list and go to the iBookstore — we have a new textbook category.”

It seems the textbook category will be seamlessly integrated into the iBookstore, that’s fantastic news.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.