Only two weeks ago, the iMAME app hit the App Store, it allowed you to play emulated games on your iOS device. But before it was out for very long, it was pulled by Apple — we’re not even sure how it got past the app review process to begin with.

Now, Google developers have taken a look at it and have ported MAME to Chrome. Robert Muth, a Google engineer, has posted a case study of the obstacles that had to be overcome to port this emulator — however, he did it in only four days.

Although there are many free games that you can play using MAME for Chrome, if you want to play more games — namely, more well-known ones — well, that may be something to think about. Besides the handful of free games, playing other’s ROMs on MAME isn’t actually “legal.” You know: copyright and all of that jazz.

Do you use Chrome apps? Will you use this one?

(via The Verge)