Swiss manufacturer Piexon has devised a unique case that combines iPhone and personal protection. The SmartGuard iPhone 4/4S case comes with a slim red pepper spray dispenser which can be detached for use in case of an emergency.

Pepper Spray iPhone 4 Case Colors

SmartGuard iPhone case is available in three colors: black, white and pink.

The pepper spray is 10 percent oleoresin capsicum, derived from the cayenne pepper plant. It is the same kind of pepper spray used my most law enforcement agencies to disperse protesters and subdue violent criminals. The SmartGuard case is made of hard plastic and automatically locks the pepper spray canister when stored to prevent accidental discharge in your purse or pocket.

Pepper Spray Case

The SmartGuard fits into most pockets.

While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states in the U.S., if you live in Massachusetts you would be required to obtain a Firearms Identification Card (FID) in order to legally carry the SmartGuard case.


The refillable pepper spray shoots short bursts within a five foot range.

Red pepper spray is, by all accounts, a serious and nasty weapon which should only be reserved for use in an extreme emergency (and no, getting the last toy for your child on Black Friday is not an emergency).

Angry Grizzly Bear

Pepper spray is not for making friends with wildlife. (Image courtesy of Stop.Px)

I know what you are thinking about the bear, and you are wrong. The bear above would be too big of an emergency for the SmartGuard pepper spray. An angry bear would require a minimum oleoresin capsicum concentration of 20 percent to safely deter. Using the baton provided with the SmartGuard would really just seal your unfortunate fate, and we would rather not lose any of our AppAdvice readers.

For those with children, this iPhone case is not advised. Children are naturally curious and are irresistibly attracted to iPhones. Since the case does not child lock the spray, the likely result would be very painful for everyone.

TSA Officer

You will not make friends with TSA agents either. (Image courtesy of

Keep in mind that having pepper spray with you is like having a knife as far as the TSA is concerned. If you decide to purchase the SmartGuard case leave it at home when flying, unless you love drama.

Another issue worth noting is that, if you leave the pepper spray in your car during the summer or live in an extremely warm climate, there is a good chance the seals of the container might leak. A leaking event is sure to be inconvenient, and possibly even disastrous if you are operating machinery or on a first date (first impressions tend to be negative when your date is crashed by the hazmat team).

The SmartGuard iPhone case is available at Sabre Red for $34.99

Given the potential for accidental discharge if mishandled, we feel the SmartGuard would not be a good choice for the majority of iPhone users. It might be attractive to a college student who has to walk to her car at night, however, that same college student is likely to have friends who will want to see what it does at a party. After all, as evidenced by the video below, people do really stupid things.

If the above video does not show please click on this link.

On one last note, if you buy the SmartGuard case and have the unfortunate opportunity to need it, be certain that the wind is blowing away from you, or you might be disabled before your attacker.

We would be remiss if we did not mention at least one app that could scare someone away. On AppAdvice Daily, Robin Rys reviewed both iTazer and Air Horn (Free!). While iTazer was a prank, Air Horn (Free!) emits a loud sound which could be a possible deterrent to a would-be attacker. Not perfect, but less likely to come back and cause you pain than carrying pepper spray in a vial close to your face.

Would such a case give you a feeling of security? Have you even been exposed to pepper spray? What is your take on the SmartGuard case?