Pinterest, the virtual pinboard that helps you organize and share the things you find on the Web, has exploded in popularity during the last few months.

If you use Pinterest and have an iPhone, you likely know that the Pinterest iPhone app is lacking in a few key features, namely the ability to pin items from websites on your phone.

Amber Pin for Pinterest ($0.99) aims to fill that void, with an app that extracts and posts an image from any Web address. Currently, the official Pinterest app only allows you to repin from others and to pin images from the camera.

To add a pin from the Web, you’ll need to visit a website in mobile Safari or another mobile browser, and copy the Web address. After the address is copied, you will need to open Amber Pin, which will automatically import the URL and detect available images on the page.

From there, you can select the image you want to add to Pinterest, and Amber Pin will open Pinterest with your chosen image ready for pinning. You can choose a board, enter a title, and share the pin on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not the most streamlined process, but it works with most websites, aside from Google Images. I’m hoping Pinterest will add this functionality to the official app, but until then, if you need to pin images from the Web, Amber Pin is worth checking out.