Splashtop, makers of the popular remote desktop application Splashtop Remote, recently announced that they will be partnering with MStar Semiconductor to create the ultimate bidirectional media system. Currently, Splashtop offers a variety of different programs to create second computer monitors, fetch data remotely, and even have complete access to a computer from miles away. Now, the company plans to add television sets to its list of cross-device computing solutions.

“Partnering with MStar, together we will delight users with the ultimate 4-screen experience –seamlessly sharing media, games, and applications across all screens, at home or over the Internet,” said Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and co-founder.

The Smart TV and TV cloud solution that integrates MStar and Splashtop will allow four different types of devices to have bidirectional computing. Mobile devices will act as remotes with functioning QWERTY keyboards and double as joysticks for cloud-based gaming on a TV set. Splashtop will also be optimized for MStar chipsets to offer high definition video.

There is no information at this time as to how soon this new technology will be made available or how much it will cost. Visit Splashtop’s website to find out more about their cross-device computing solutions.