Popular simulation game, The Sims FreePlay has recently been updated for Valentine’s Day.

The update, for the “ladies,” includes all new items such as Jacuzzis, heart shaped beds, rose vases, cupid statues and even chocolate. However, if these new features fail to excite you, the update also adds a brand new career as well as decor items. In addition to this, new Simolean and Lifestyle packs are available in the store for you to purchase as well.

From the change log:

SPARK A SIM-ULATING ROMANCE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! Grab some sweet and sultry goodies like chocolates, Jacuzzis, heart-shaped beds, cupid statues, rose vases and more for your Sims.

This update is HUGE (a little something for the ladies) so check out these other new features (for the dudes):

• New Décor Items – Deck out your digs with Toyota surfboards, suits of armor, Buddha statues, skeletons, and more.
• Scientist Career – grab your beakers and get your Sims working at the lab with this new profession.
• New Packs – Visit the store to browse new Simolean and Lifestyle packs, along with the new outdoor items collection.

This is quite a significant update and if you do not have a date for Valentine’s Day, EA has just made your life a little more exciting.