Most people lose their iDevices once in a while. However, for those of us with a family, missing iDevices can be a chronic issue. Apple’s Find My iPhone app is fantastic, but once the battery is drained it is useless. Graphic artist and IT professional, Dan Shapley, seeks to end this vexing problem by developing an app called Last Alert.

Out of Battery

Dead battery- the nemesis of Find My iPhone

It is a known fact to most parents that iDevices are irresistible to children. Like a dog with a treat, children will seek out a remote place to enjoy the pilfered iPad or iPhone until the battery is dead. This would not be so bad if they did not simply discard the dead iDevice and then promptly forget where they left it.

Last Alert

Last Alert

Recently Launched on Kickstarter, Last Alert will monitor battery levels and will audibly notify the user when the charge level is low. An audio warning for a low battery is not revolutionary, however Last Alert goes far beyond just audio notification. When the battery level is close to depletion Last Alert will send out an email with the iDevice’s current coordinates and a link to a map.

An Email Is Sent With The Last Known Location

An Email Is Sent With The Last Known Location

If you have Last Alert installed on another iPhone the app will use the built in compass to help you navigate to the last known whereabouts of the iDevice. This is done through both text “go twenty feet south” and a sonar ping sound which increases as you approach your target.

Compass Directions

Compass Navigation

If you are interested in helping support the development of Last Alert the options and rewards are very entertaining. For the basic supporter who pledges $2 or more Shapley writes, “You’ll rest easier knowing that you’ve had a part in creating (sic) very useful app that will prevent forgetful children everywhere from being scolded by their parents.”

For those who wish to pre-purchase the app, a $5 donation will suffice. However if you choose to donate $50 or more Shapley will literally bake and send you cookies and even brag about you to anyone you choose.

“(Pledge $50 or more) and you can send me email addresses to five of your friends, (co-workers, in-laws, ex-girlfriend\boyfriend, …whatever) and I will personally contact them to describe your virtues.” Dan Shapley via Kickstarter

Last Alert is in the pre-development stage and, if Kickstarter funding is successful, it is slated to complete development in May of 2012.

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