Here at AppAdvice Towers we like to keep our eyes open for interesting and innovative new creations that various developers are working on. The latest such application that has caught our attention is called WallaBee from Ben Dodson Apps.

Ben Dodson is the developer behind Highlights. So what is WallaBee? Ben describes it as “a digital item collecting game with a geo location twist” which sounds like an interesting proposition to me.

The Activity Timeline in action

The basic premise of WallaBee involves the user checking into one of over 2 million locations currently available in the app (more can be added if anything is missing). After a check-in the user is rewarded with either honeycombs (think gold coins from a Mario game) or an item.

The items received are beautifully drawn everyday items such as a BMX or campfire. These items can be kept and collected individually or added together to form another item. For example, you can combine a campfire with a camping chair to make a campsite which is quite an interesting feature.

The WallaBee 'Pouch'

WallaBee also has a store. Along with finding items “in the wild,” users can also buy items using the aforementioned honeycombs they collect. Extra honeycombs and items can even be purchased using real money through an in-app purchase, though this is in no way a requirement. The game can be enjoyed completely free of charge though spending money can get things done a bit quicker.

A WallaBee purchase

A final aspect of WallaBee that may be of great interest to developers will be the planned release of three APIs. By using these APIs developers will be able to utilize the WallaBee store or use their elegant badges to sell users real life stickers. This could have quite a lot of potential in the right hands. I’m interested to see where this aspect goes in the coming months.

If you’d like to read more about WallaBee or are even interested in working with their APIs why not visit the official site for all the latest news. WallaBee is scheduled for release on Feb. 16 so there isn’t much longer to wait until you can give this potential gem a try.