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Frames – Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Movies ($2.99) by Studio Neat is a time lapse or stop motion photography app. Use it to quickly create 720p HD movies from photos taken in succession, strung together.

Frames - Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Movies by Studio Neat screenshot

In fact, you have a choice. Push the slider to the left to choose stop motion, where you snap each photo manually. Or, push it to the right to select time lapse mode. Here you have two more sliders. The top one lets you choose the frame interval, anywhere from one second up to ten minutes. The bottom slider allows you to select the number of frames you want it to take, ranging from ten up to infinity.

In both modes, across the top of the screen, you have the option to turn the flash on or off, grid lines visible or not, and flip the camera to the front or the rear. You also have the option for onion skinning, which is essentially a ghost overlay of your previous image, so you know where to aim your next shot.

Once you are done shooting your images, you can examine them frame by frame, and deleting any you don’t want in your final project. Tap the clock face icon, and you can adjust playback speed by changing your FPS (frames per second), anywhere from 1 FPS up to 120 FPS. Tap the play button (triangle icon) to see your results. Love it? Tap the share icon to save it to your camera roll.

Other nice features include the ability to rename your project by tapping on the project title and Auto Focus/Auto Exposure lock (simply tap and hold on your subject in capture mode).

Overall, I’d call this app decent. It does what it says it will, it’s pretty easy to use, and it has quite an attractive UI. However, there are other apps out there that have more flexibility and creative options. Check out our AppGuide for some other ideas.