It’s no surprise when diehard Apple fans line up early to get their hands on a new device on launch day, but these two guys are taking it a little too seriously.

Ali and Zohaib are eager and ready for their new iPads. With limited iPad availability, spending the next week indoors is just too risky, so the duo have started camping out in front of the Regent Street Apple Store in London, England. To survive the harsh conditions of an imminent product launch, the two are prepared with folding chairs and layered clothing to get them through the chilly London nights.

Samsung won’t be stealing these two guys away from their future iPads, but in retrospect, it is a little silly to go through so much for a new device. I’ve managed to get the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2 on launch day without needing to camp out. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Again, I won’t be getting in line too early for the new iPad. With preorder deliveries getting pushed back, will you endure the nighttime weather in your area and camp out for the new iPad? Is it all a part of being an iDevice user?

(via Slashgear)