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Fibble ($1.99) by Crytek GmbH combines super crisp CryENGINE graphics with simple slingshot controls and increasingly puzzling levels.

It isn’t often that you see a major console game company like Crytek (you know, the guys behind Far Cry and Crysis) make a debut on the App Store. Lucky for us, Crytek has just entered the iOS scene with a brilliant physics puzzle game, Fibble.

Fibble by Crytek GmbH screenshot

The most amazing aspect of Fibble is the perfect blend of story building and gameplay. The game tells the story of Fibble, a cute extraterrestrial explorer who crash lands in a suburban home on Earth and is separated from his crew. Your goal is to search through the house and reunite Fibble with the rest of his crew.

The story is told through these near theater-quality cut scenes that give a ton of personality to the characters. The gameplay matches perfectly with the story because each crew member that you find immediately becomes involved in solving the puzzles. Basically, at the beginning of the level, you place crew members at certain key points on the map. Then you fling Fibble and use the abilities of the crew members to reach the goal.

Fibble by Crytek GmbH screenshot

Each of the four crew members does something unique like changing Fibble’s direction, or making him jump. Because the player has the task of deciding where to place each of the crew members, the levels are a lot more complex than they seem at first.

In total, there are 30 levels in the house spread across 4 areas, including a bonus level at the end of each area. Bonus levels are unlocked after you collect the corresponding key. Each of the four keys is hidden in a random level.

Fibble is truly dazzling and sports extremely easy to use controls. To add to the replay value, there are 30 achievements available as well as Game Center leaderboards. Also, a new batch of levels is coming soon with a new locale, the Tree House. Fibble is also available in HD form for the iPad.