Update: Fixed image linking issues. Enjoy!

So you are among the lucky ones to have a beautiful new iPad. Were you disappointed that the stock wallpaper selection has nothing new to offer over the two previous generation iPad models?  You have gone Retina and that beautiful new display deserves better. We have scoured the internet to find Retina wallpaper that is fresh, new, and wow just for our readers. So kick back and enjoy what we have found and let us know what you think.

Photographer Michael Toye, is offering a broad range of amazing images from macro to landscapes, even venturing into the surreal with colorful hazy landscapes. He has an excellent eye for color, shape and composition and is offering several of his photographs for free in Retina quality. To see his entire collection check out his Flickr site.

Just click on an image to be directed to the iPad Retina version.

Another talented photographer offering Retina iPad wallpaper is Lucas Schvindt. He has more incredible iPad Retina wallpaper selections available on his website.

John Cary’s website is one of our favorites for sharp interesting Retina wallpapers. You owe it to yourselves to look at all this work. His main website can be found here.

InterfaceLIFT is a great community site that features user-submitted Retina wallpaper. It is a great site to visit and browse. Another personal favorite Retina wallpaper website is iPad 3 Wallpapers.

Alex Hopkins has several great Retina images available on his Flickr.

On the
MacRumors member forum, a member noted that Mediafire is also offering some great wallpapers for the new iPad. Check out the whole MacRumors thread to find some amazing artist-contributed Retina wallpaper.

Metatrox.com has a few industrial Retina wallpapers that are amazing.

Img140 and others are offering a few interesting wallpapers on the NeoGaf forum.

A general search of the Flickr group iPad Wallpapers that Rock will show off a lot of wonderful free choices. Among them toybox cities, statues and landscapes.

Have you found any other great sources for free Retina iPad wallpaper that we missed? What wallpaper do you currently have on your iPad? Feel free to post pictures and links to show us.