Bulkypix, the developer behind hit iOS title Terra Noctis, is hard at work on their latest title, and it looks great! Originally announced in February, there has been little said since regarding what we might expect from the game, until now.

In February Bulkypix posted, in the Touch Arcade forums, an announcement of the game and released a few screenshots as well. In the post Bulkypix described the game, Spellsword, as a “super hack and slash endless arena survival fantasy mini-RPG.” Sounds fun!

This morning Bulkypix has released a gameplay trailer which shows a little more of what we can expect from Spellsword:

If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here.

Spellsword looks like it will play similarly to Super Crate Box with a lot of power-ups to collect along the way. The game seems like it will be a lot more focused than Super Crate Box, however, as Spellsword will feature 90 missions at release.

A compilation of all images released by Bulkypix.

Judging by the previous screenshots, and the newly released video, the game seems well into its development cycle. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long before giving it a test drive. Keep an eye on AppAdvice for the latest news on this title, and a review when it’s available.