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War Evolution ($1.99) by Rattusgamestudio Rgs is a military strategy game with cool arcade graphics. It’s a simple game that everyone can enjoy. If you have fun playing tower defense type games, you might want to check this one out.

War Evolution by Rattusgamestudio Rgs screenshot

The title of the game represents exactly what this game is all about. Remember in the Age of Empire series when you went through the stages of war evolution? This game takes the same approach. You will start out in the Stone Age and work your way through several stages of evolution. The different stages will give you newer and more modernized weapons and infantry. It’s always exciting to unlock the newer stages and see what type of offensive attacks you can use to punish your opponent.

The object of the game is simple, but it’s actually hard to complete. You need to advance your troops to the other side of the game screen and destroy the opponent’s base. Obviously, while doing this you will need to defend your base from being pummeled. To help with defense, you can add turrets to your base to shoot at intruders when they come near. They will help you, a lot.

War Evolution by Rattusgamestudio Rgs screenshot

There are some flaws that make this game a little annoying though. You can only have 10 troops fighting for you at one time. Although, they do die quickly, I just wish the number of attackers could be unlimited to allow for total domination. Through killing opponents, you will be rewarded with gold to create more troops to keep fighting for you. Another thing that got on my nerves was the game seemed to take a long time to complete. I’d get to my opponent’s base and then get ran over by their defense. The same would go for my opponent when they reached my base. It gave the game a never-ending feeling.

Overall, this game is fun, but does get very repetitive. I would recommend that you pass on purchasing it and look for another tower defense alternative in the App Store.

Let me know what you think if you do decide to purchase it.