A new app, CarrierCompare, will soon take the guesswork out of choosing your iPhone carrier. Choosing a carrier has always been a bit like playing roulette. Signal coverage maps provided by AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are anything but detailed, and often areas which appear to be covered, are fraught with dropped calls and slow Internet service. Until now, your best guess at coverage was to ask other iPhone users, but CarrierCompare seeks to change all that.


CarrierCompare even lets you Tweet carrier information.

CarrierCompare aims to let you know who is the best service by allowing users to compare the signals of different carriers from their precise location. Developed by Boston-based startup SwayMarkets, this app is one that will be a must-have for iPhone owners, especially those who are less-than-happy with their current service provider.

Currently, CarrierCompare is ad-supported and free in the App Store, though, SwayMarkets also intends to offer an ad-free paid version.

Do you think the carriers will object to CarrierCompare? Give it a try, and let us know what results you get. Let the carrier wars … begin!