A two-year-old boy in the Yunnan Province near Mengzi City,  China, was rescued by firefighters who ultimately used an iPhone to guide him to safety. The boy was playing with friends when he fell down an open well shaft, and plunged 40 feet.

Boy in Well

The boy is frightened, but alive in the well.

Terrified and trapped, the boy’s cries alerted local villagers, who lowered a rope for the boy to hold onto as they waited an hour for rescue crews. When firefighters arrived a dramatic rescue ensued and was caught on video. After feeding an oxygen hose down to the boy, to prevent him from suffocating, they lowered a harness. Unfortunately, the harness was created for an adult and the child kept slipping further as he lost his grip on it.

iPhone lowered

An iPhone taped to a rope helped with the rescue.

In a move that was nothing short of brilliant, the rescue team attached an Apple iPhone to a rope, turned on the video camera and lowered it down the narrow shaft.

Seen on iPhone

Knowing how the boy was positioned was vital to getting him in the harness.

The video was then played back allowing the rescuers to visualize how the boy was trapped. With this knowledge they were able to successfully guide the harness around the child and hoist him to safety.


The boy is pulled out of the well to cries of joy and clapping from bystanders.

Though dirty, wet and frightened, the boy was examined at the local hospital; he was fine aside from some bruises.


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Stories like this one really show how iDevices are used outside the box for the betterment of mankind. Have you heard of any other similar stories?