Papa’s Burgeria ($2.99) by Flipline Studios is a time management game where you’re a “newb” in the restaurant industry. You’ll never had so much fun flipping burgers. Thank goodness it’s only a game.


This is a typical time management game where players take orders, grill patties, build burgers and earn tips. Players start off as a newb and earn points that help level them to trainee, cashier, and even all the way up to becoming the boss of the show.

Once an order is taken, players must head to the grill station to cook the meat. Different customers will request their meat to be cooked differently. A small temperature gauge is next to the patty to let you know how long to cook it for. The tricky part of cooking the meat is making sure you flip the burger at the exact right time. If you wait too long to flip, or do it too soon, the burger won’t come out right.

After the meat is cooked, head to the build station to add the toppings. It is at this point that the game gets a bit different than your average time management game. Not only do players have to put the ingredients on the burger in the correct order, but they must be lined up correctly. If you drop the cheese onto the meat in the wrong spot, it will sit crooked on the burger.

Each order is graded on wait time, grill correctness and burger build ability. The better job you do, the bigger your tips. Customers rate your burger and increase tips as time goes by. Players can use the tips they earn, as well as the paychecks, to purchase new hats or decorations for the lobby.

In between each level, players get to try their luck at mini games. These games offer additional tips, special posters and furniture. Players earn tickets from happy customers and get to use the them to play the luck games.

The game is very easy to play. It is less stressful than other time management games. You don’t feel as rushed. There are less tasks to complete at any given time. While it is pleasant to have a relaxing time management game, it isn’t very challenging. If you are new to the genre, or don’t like playing fast-paced time management games, this is the perfect app for you. The price is a little steep. It would probably fare better at $1.99. I guess I just prefer flipping burgers at a McDonald’s pace more than an In-N-Out Burger pace