Want to make someone’s day by sending them a greetings card and give to a charity at the same time? Consider a new feature being offered to Sincerely Ink Card customers using their iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and first reported by Gigaom.

Beginning today, Sincerely customers can select from a collection of cards that are linked to specific non-profits. By paying a premium for the card, the giver places a donation to that charity in the receiver’s name.

At its launch, Sincerely’s charity program includes the ability to give to three non-profits, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, buildOn, and Thirst Relief International. Additional organizations will be added soon.

Sincerely Ink Cards: Create & Mail Photo Cards

Sincerely Ink Cards: Create & Mail Photo Cards

To get started, select a card template specifically marked as being for one of the non-profits. From there, you can customize the card by adding your own photos and messages. Each specially marked card is priced at $10 or $20. However, 70 percent of that cost is given directly to the non-profit selected. Sincerely will print out each card and mail it to its intended recipient.

Most Sincerely cards are priced at $1.69 and up.

First released in November, the universal and free Sincerely Ink Card app is available in the App Store.