Have you been secretly searching for a way to smuggle iPhones into other countries? Well, don’t worry, you can stop using various orifices, because people in China have found the secret to a good smuggle. I assure you, this method is much more pleasant. Not only do you not have to try to fit the device inside your body, but you get to drink an ice-cold beer before you begin your smuggling adventures. That’s right, people are smuggling iPhones into China using empty beer bottles. The next time you pour one out for your homies, you may want to consider saving that bottle.

When imagining the shape of a beer bottle, it’s hard to picture fitting an iPhone through the tiny hole at the top. Fear not though, because these crafty smugglers have found the secret! All you need to do is cut the bottle in half, place the devices you intend to smuggle inside, and then push it closed.

Once your iPhones are locked securely in your modified beer bottles, feel to smuggle them to your heart’s content. If anyone asks, you can say you are recycling! How can they¬†possibly¬†come after someone trying to help the environment?

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch.

The environmentally aware smugglers were caught in China. When they tried to bring bottles over the border, the officers became suspicious when some of the bottles felt a little heavy. They decided to have a closer look, and they discovered three iPhones nestled away in each bottle. Maybe they should have used fewer devices in each bottle?

I think it was a clever trick, but it looks like it’s back to various orifices of the human body until they come up with a more creative way to smuggle those iDevices.

Source: M.I.C. Gadget