First released less than one month ago, the new iPad is officially a huge hit with buyers. In fact, 98 percent of buyers are satisfied with their recent purchase, according to a new ChangeWave survey.

In a March 22-28 survey of 200 new iPad owners, 82 percent were “very satisfied” with their purchase with an additional 16 percent being “somewhat satisfied.” This compared to just 2 percent that were “somewhat unsatisfied” with Apple’s latest tablet. Astonishingly, no one surveyed was “very unsatisfied” with the iPad.

iPad Satisfaction Survey - March 2011

What users like and dislike

According to the survey, iPad owners are most happy with the tablet’s Retina display (75 percent), longer battery life (22 percent) and 4G/LTE capacity (21 percent). The dislikes include the cost of the new iPad (26 percent) and the cost of a wireless data plan (23 percent).

While ChangeWave’s survey offers few surprises, it does suggest just how difficult it remains for other vendors to launch their own tablets. After all, when the market leader has a 98 percent approval rating, there is little others can do to compete. In addition, Apple (like the survey suggests) seems to have recognized that price could progressively become a factor. This is why the company, along with revealing a new iPad in March, announced a $399 iPad 2, the least expensive price yet for a new iPad.

iPad Satisfaction Survey - March 2011

iPad Satisfaction Survey - March 2011

Apple sold three million new iPads during its first weekend of launch.

Is there anything other vendors can do to stop iPad from dominating the tablet market?