I may not have to get up early, but I still have to get up on time, and I’ve been using my iPhone as an alarm clock since day one. Still, I’ve always felt like it’s a little bit sloppy to just plug ‘er in and plop ‘er down on the nightstand — or worse, on the floor — after lights out.

Though there are tons of available options for an iPhone-accepting bedside dock, there haven’t been many that I truly like.

Then I saw the Day Maker by Habitco:

While I don’t really follow all that metaphorical morning-toast malarkey, I do really like the way this little hundred-dollar (Kickstarter special) gadget works. It’s simple, clean, and versatile, and the prospect of pushing my iPhone out of sight for the night is serenely exciting.

My only request would be for this thing to come in a single. Think about it: Most folks only use one iPhone at a time, and couples tend to have their own separate nightstands. Guys, do you really want your phone next to her all night?

And ladies?

Trust me, you don’t want to know…

[Via Uncrate]