We’ve all been there. You’ve just got home from a long day at work and looked in the cupboard only to find it practically empty. What can you possibly make with two eggs, some jelly and a Twinkie? What’s For Dinner? is being designed to help you with this very situation.

Created by Luke Mulvey and designed by his friend Brandon Melchior, What’s For Dinner? is an iPhone app with a simple purpose. It allows users to enter the food they have in their kitchen and get recipes back that match these¬†ingredients.

The developer is looking for help with this project through, ou guessed it, Kickstarter. Drag queen and comedian Hedda Lettuce stars in the promotional video, seen here:

If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here.

What’s For Dinner? will allow you to create personal accounts to save and edit grocery lists, and share recipes and other content, via Facebook or Twitter. Results of your searches can then be broken down into breakfast, lunch or dinner for greater convenience.

The recipes provided from within the app are split between three categories. The first are meals made using only the ingredients you enter, the second option will require one more extra ingredients and the final selection will require more than one extra ingredient.

Hopefully the recipe list will be quite extensive.

Should you choose to back What’s For Dinner? on Kickstarter, the developer is sharing some tasty treats. For $10 you will receive a copy of the app, when it is released. For a $500 investment you will receive a signed picture of Hedda Lettuce, a custom apron, a special thanks within the app, and a customized chef hat.

This is certainly an interesting idea, but the app will live or die on the recipes provided. If you would like to invest in What’s For Dinner? or want to find out more, visit their Kickstarter page for additional information.