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Cave Quest (Full) ($1.99) by Big Fish Games, Inc is a match-three game with hidden objects mixed in. Get your puzzle solving skills ready, but don’t forget to bring a keen eye on this adventure.

Cave Quest (Full) by Big Fish Games, Inc screenshot

Players must complete match-three levels in order to unlock certain tools and items that are used between puzzles to further the quest along. Sometimes, players will need to use a pickaxe to clear away ice and other times, hidden objects must be found before a player can continue.

The puzzles are more than just the traditional match-three grid. There are some that require players to cut a path by matching objects within the path. There are other puzzles that require players to clear away obstructions on the grid in order to proceed. Each puzzle will relate to where the player is on the quest.

For example, a player may have to find eight masks hidden in the shaman’s tent in order to receive a staff that he can use to remove the cloud of gloom on the mountainside. To remove the cloud, the player will have to complete the puzzle that relates to that quest.

Sometimes, there are items that need to by gathered, like firewood or deer antlers, that can be found in a hidden objects environment, or during a match-three quest.

This is a very complex adventure game that will impress fans of match- three games as well as the hidden objects genre. There are mysteries to solve, clues to uncover and rewards to earn. You can download the free version first and play the first few levels to see if you like it. However, I highly recommend this game to fans of match-three and puzzle games. It is a real winner.