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No Red T-Shirts ($2.99) by Namco Networks America Inc. Games fines the heck out of anyone doing something as simple as taking pictures. You see, Robo encountered a bit of an accident at the Police-Bot Factory and becomes over zealous when it comes to upholding what he considers to be the law.

For example, if the law is “no red t-shirts” (hence the name of the game), he’s all on it like white on rice. You play as Robo, busting any wrong doer you encounter.

No Red T-Shirts by Namco Networks America Inc. Games screenshot

Gameplay is pretty simple: a law will show in the bottom left corner of the screen. You’ll then need to pick out only the people breaking this law.

Tap them to put a stop to it and earn metal nuts as a fine. A new law will take effect after a fixed time, and you’ll then need to focus on anyone breaking that one.

Swipe from side to side to spin in a wide circle through the town’s perimeter. Even though buildings may block your view of some of the citizens, you can still tap on them. This is especially handy to know during the end of the round, where you have to put all of the citizens to sleep. Just carpet bomb the area with taps, whether you see people or not.

A little later into the game you’ll get Thor, the god of lightning. Touching his statue will make the law no umbrellas for everybody. This is another good chance to go crazy with the tapping and score bonuses for consecutively fining folks.

This is a fun game with cool graphics and music. It’s very easy to get into and very easy to keep playing it. There’s plenty of novelty to this game that makes it more than just a tapping game. The only fine I would give the developer is for pricing it so high at $2.99.