Managing to completely drain your iDevice’s battery before you can get to a charger is either relatively preventable, or completely unavoidable. While there are some steps you can take to prevent such an occurrence from happening, sometimes luck just isn’t on your side. Summer is here, which means you’ll probably be out and about when your iDevice decides to go kaput when you need it most. There are plenty of options available for external battery packs, and Satechi’s 10,000 mAh Portable Energy Station ($49.99) is the newest kid on the block.

The Portable Energy Station is capable of charging all your iDevices, as well as any other USB-enabled gadgets you may have. Two USB ports (one puts out 1A, the other puts out 2A) allow for multiple device charging. Boasting a beefy 10,000 mAh, 2A battery, the Portable Energy Station┬áhas more than enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 4S or iPad 2. Due to the new iPad’s Retina display, its battery is over 70 percent larger than the iPad 2′s, putting it at 11,666 mAh – just out of the Portable Energy Station’s capacity to provide a full charge.

Five LED lights indicate the battery's charge level.

Like most gadgets nowadays, the Portable Energy Station is compact at just 5.5-inches long, 2-inches tall, and 0.75-inches deep. Just throw it in your pocket or bag, and forget about your iPhone or iPad dying on you at a crucial moment.

You can get yourself Satechi’s Portable Energy Station for $49.99 direct from their website.

What type of external batteries do you use to charge your iDevices while on the go?