Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6 is powered by TomTom, according to a brief message left on the company’s website and first reported by Pocket Lint.

They explain:

TomTom has signed a global agreement with Apple® for maps and related information. No further details of the agreement will be provided.

As announced during yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Apple is ditching Google and will release a new Maps app with their next mobile OS. One of the main components of the new app is turn-by-turn capabilities.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, TomTom is one of the leading providers of GPS navigation systems and apps. There is no word on whether the company’s line of iOS apps will be affected by their agreement with Apple.

Are you excited about iOS 6.0? Which features are you looking forward to the most?

Source: TomTom
Via: Pocket Lint
Photo: Apple