Halfbrick Studios has been on a roll lately. The Australian game development team recently won an Apple Design Award for their hit game Jetpack Joyride. Halfbrick just celebrated the second anniversary of Fruit Ninja by giving out free copies of the game, which has since been updated to add some new goodies to its “Sensei’s Swag” section.

In addition to new challenges, Fruit Ninja v1.8.1 features:

  • Rainbow Blade – A magical blade that shimmers and sparkles with every slice.
  • Water Blade – Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless – like water.
  • King Dragon Blade – Harness the mighty power of the dragon and bring fiery destruction to all fruit in your path!
  • Gutsu & Truffles Background – Let friendly faces guide you on your journey to become the ultimate Fruit Ninja.
  • King Dragon Background – A background fit for a king. Dedicated to the amazing 6-year-old fruit master!

Cut three or more fruits to earn combo points.

If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja before, it can be fairly addictive. The premise of Fruit Ninja’s Classic mode is simple: slice fruit, not bombs. Fruits are launched, then you must hack them up with your fruit ninja skills. Every now and then, a bomb will cross your path. Obviously, don’t cut it, or it’s game over. Additionally, missing three pieces of fruit will result in your loss.

This update is free if you already have Fruit Ninja installed on your iDevice, but if you’ll be doing a fresh download, separate versions of the game are available.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, Fruit Ninja will set you back $0.99, while the iPad-optimized Fruit Ninja HD will cost you $2.99.