The iPhone has a default weather app and there are hundreds of free weather applications available in the App Store, so you may take a look at Daily Weather+ and wonder why you should shell out $0.99 for something you can easily get for free.

The answer? Aesthetics. While I may prefer a straightforward weather app Voodoo Skies, someone else may be in the market for an app with radar maps and notifications, or an app with a specific look.

Daily Weather+ has been designed to look like a page from your local paper, with a newspaper background, strong headlines, and simple daily weather information.

You can flip through this app like a newspaper, using a finger to turn each page. There are also realistic animations and sounds, so it feels even more like the real thing.

The app has Retina graphics and a real time weather report that’s determined by your GPS location, though you can also add customized cities to check the weather all over the world.

In addition to current temperature, Daily Weather+ displays weather conditions, minimum and maximum temperatures for each day, wind speed, and humidity.

You can download Daily Weather+ from the App Store for $0.99. For other weather app options, check out our AppGuide that lists the best iPhone weather apps.