Does The Daily read AppAdvice? We’d like to think so.

After we (and yes, other sites) reported that the News Corp. publication for the iPad could be closing down this fall, we received the following announcement via an email:

WKND Announcement

WKND Announcement

The Daily is introducing a new in-app feature beginning tomorrow, July 14, called WKND Magazine. The freebie will feature 40 pages of travel, food, movies, fashion coverage, exclusive interviews, and more.

In addition, WKND Magazine will cover breaking news and sports each Saturday and Sunday.

To get started, download The Daily app on your iPad. Then, each weekend, as if by magic, WKND Magazine will arrive for paid The Daily customers and newbies alike.

The Daily, which arrived in 2011, seems determined to find new readers, despite news that it is currently “on watch” by its owners. WKND Magazine could go a long way in attracting new customers. Still, The Daily still faces many challenges to remain viable.

Will you tryout The Daily, WKND Magazine?