Apple is no longer sponsoring the Olympic Games. Rather, Cupertino has pulled their heavily panned “Genius” ads from television, which had primarily aired during NBC’s exclusive coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympic games. This news was first reported by Mashable.

Launched late last month, the series of three ads focused on Apple retail store Geniuses helping Mac users troubleshooting their problems.

According to the report, Apple’s long-time ad agency, TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, pulled the ads earlier this week. A representative said that the airing of the ads during the Olympics was only for a “short run.”

A.T. Faust III called the ads a loss of “tasteful elegance” on Apple’s part, and I totally agree. Not only were the ads trite, but they also featured an annoying actor that was too chatty for his own good. In other words, the ads were lame.

Apple ads used to be artistic (“Think Different”) and fun (“Get A Mac”). Recently, they’ve been heavy on the celebrity and the boring.

Hopefully, the company’s Genius ads are gone for good. See the panned ads here.