One of the most popular weather apps for iPad has received a sunny update. The free Intellicast HD 3.0 app has a brand new look and features.

Originally released in December 2010, the app combines radar and satellite layers to offer customers a thorough overview of current and future weather forecasts. It also remains a terrific tool for those that need to track hurricanes such as Isaac, which is currently hitting the Gulf Coast.

Intellicast HD now includes a map layer time “scrubber” that allows users to display weather for a specific time. Additionally, there is now a new local page that replaced the original forecast page.

Intellicast HD 3.0

Intellicast HD 3.0

Other version 3.0 features include:

  • An expanded QuickPick menu allowing 6 selections (up from 4)
  • Map Legends can now be hidden
  • Map Settings including new Range Rings and Map Type options.
  • Spark trend lines for current condition data
  • Lower impact Ad panels on the Local and Blog page
  • Removed the Ad’s from SkyTime
  • New, easier to use, location menu.
  • Combined North American Satellite and Radar layer
  • Improved accuracy and update frequency for current conditions
  • General Bug fixes

Intellicast HD is available for download in the App Store.