In three months, U.S. voters will determine who the next president of the United States will be. To get their points across, both sides are slamming the airways with political ads. Don’t know whether the ads are truthful? Indeed, there is now an app for that.

Created by Glassy Media, the free Super PAC app has arrived in the App Store. With it, voters can instantly see which ads are right on the money, and which ones are deceptive. The iPhone will listen to the ad you are currently watching and analyze it. Additionally, it lists all of the ads of the 2012 campaign.

Super PACs app

Super PACs app

Each ad, whether from super PACs or the official campaigns, includes links to unbiased reporting on whether it is accurate or deceptive. Additionally, you can rate each ad as “love,” “fair,” “fishy,” or “fail.” You can also filter ads, based on your preferences. These include those for and against a particular candidate, plus the ones most recent and popular, among others.

Perhaps more importantly, the Super PAC app will also tell you who, and how much money, is behind each ad.

The Super PAC App is an amazing tool, whether you’re a democrat, independent, or republican. It comes highly recommended and is available for download.