The iPhone is one of the most accessorized smartphones ever. One of the newer fads in iPhone accessories is interchangeable camera lenses. In fact, there are so many different iPhone camera accessories I sometimes have trouble remembering them all. If successfully funded on Kickstarter, Mobi-Lens will be another iOS photography accessory added to the list.

Mobi-Lens is basically a clothespin with a lens mounted on each side. The Mobi-Lens offers a wide angle lens which unscrews to transform into a macro lens on one side, and a fisheye lens on the other. This is basically what you get with almost every other iPhone lens kit.

The Mobi-Lens literally clips on to an iOS device like a clothespin. Because Mobi-Lens will work with almost any smartphone or tablet, it may take some repositioning to get it aligned with your device’s camera.

Check out the video on Kickstarter to learn more about Mobi-Lens:

Like any other Kickstarter project, this handy little lens kit needs help to launch. Currently Mobi-Lens is at almost $15,000 of its $34,000 goal with 33 days left to be funded.

It certainly looks like Mobi-Lens is on track to become another Kickstarter success, I just can’t get over how odd it looks clipped onto an iPhone. If you’re interested in being a part of the funding of Mobi-Lens, you can secure one with both lens adapters for only $60.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Cult of Mac