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Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion (Free) by G5 Entertainment and Big Blue Bubble is a hidden object game with a murderous twist. In this creepy game, a famous New York fashion designer has been brutally murdered, and it’s your job to join Detective Carrie Chase to explore crime scenes and hunt down evidence using an assortment of forensic tools.

As with most G5 games of this type, Crime of Fashion is first and foremost a hidden object puzzle game, so most of the gameplay consists of finding listed items in a cluttered object scene.

There are two modes in this game, and you choose your preference in the beginning. Timed mode will give you a time limit on your hidden object puzzles, while relaxed mode will allow you to play at your own pace. If you’re experienced with the genre, you’ll want to choose timed mode to give yourself a challenge.

Crime of Fashion is one of G5′s better hidden object games. First and foremost, it has impressive graphics with Retina support, so it looks great, and the hidden object puzzles themselves are both entertaining and challenging.

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion by G5 Entertainment screenshot

It’s clear what items are, which is not always the case in hidden object games, though you will still find obscure items that will give you a challenge to locate.

There are hidden items, and sometimes, you will need to locate them using the tools in your inventory, such as a flashlight, a UV light, a magnifying glass, and a fingerprint duster. You use these items by simply tapping on them in your inventory to activate them.

These items enhance your field of view when using them. For example, the flashlight lights up dark areas, while the magnifying glass zooms in on small areas, and the UV light picks up blood stains.

Because the hidden object scenes are intricate, you may have some trouble finding items. If that’s the case, you can make use of the hint system, which will locate one item for you every 10 seconds or so.

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion by G5 Entertainment screenshot

As in most hidden object games, Crime of Fashion has mini games that you will need to complete, such as solving anagrams or matching up fingerprints.

I played this game the entire way through in one sitting, so it is definitely a shorter game. There are only three chapters, and if you’re quick, it doesn’t take long to finish each one at all.

With the length in mind, this game is a bit pricey. It costs $6.99 to unlock the iPad version and $4.99 to unlock the iPhone version. It’s a good hidden object game if you don’t mind that it’s short, and you can replay since hidden object lists are randomly generated.